• We believe that Nigeria can be a prosperous and leading nation providing for the safety and development of all its peoples according to the vision of our founding fathers.

  • We believe in the sacred value of the single human life and that the purpose of government is the safety and security of its peoples and to guarantee the ultimate fulfillment of their human potential.

  • We believe that the land and all other resources of Nigeria are the heritage of the peoples of Nigeria.

  • We believe that rights and responsibilities of citizenship can only be guaranteed by a judiciary which is well resourced, professionally competent, independent and impartial.

  • We believe that government at all levels must defend Nigerians against ignorance; disease; hunger; poverty and idleness.

  • We believe that human rights are natural and fundamental and that they must not be abridged without due process of law and for objectively verifiable good cause.

  • We believe that women and youth are a crucial and under-valued national resource and that their marginalization in political society is an unwarranted discrimination which should be eradicated by positive action.

  • We believe in a united nation based on the guarantee of equality and inclusion for all its peoples and in peace and cooperation between these peoples on the basis of truth and justice.

  • We believe that genuine and lasting peace requires the greatest degree of selfdetermination for all the nationalities and peoples within the union.

  • We believe that public service is a trust and that government at all levels must be responsive, responsible, progressive and accountable to citizens.

  • We believe that government and citizens at all levels must be subject to the rule of law.

  • We believe that it’s the fundamental human right of every Nigerian to universal basic education, a right to basic health care; a right to private family life and a right to private faith and religion.

  • We believe in an open society, in a market economy with private property and the equal protection of human rights, civil rights, civil liberties and political freedoms for all people.

  • We believe that the purpose and highest priority of government in Nigeria is to deliver this promise to all Nigerians.


We welcome all and oppose discrimination based on ethnicity, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, physical ability, and geographic origin.


We believe that strengthening of democracy transcends political party affifiliation.


We believe that our mission calls for non-traditional approaches that address the root causes of societal problems.


We subscribe to the highest ethical standards in all of our dealings.


We will open our operations and decision-making processes to scrutiny by our members and critical public stakeholders.

Guiding Principles for Making an Inclusive Constitution

The sincerity and integrity of the process must not be in doubt. The final document must be a reflection of the common and compromise views of all nationalities and people that make up the union.

Recommendations of previous constitutional conferences must of necessity be reviewed for relevance as they contain compromises already agreed upon.

Those saddled with the legal authority to handle final deliberations on behalf of Nigerians must set aside their personal and parochial interests and carry out their assignment with the highest level of patriotism.

Legal framework for the constitution and inauguration of an inclusive Constituent Assembly must of necessity be put in place.

Legislation on the process and procedure for a referendum that will ratify or decline recommendations from the Constituent Assembly need to be passed to give a pathway for the emergence of a truly representative constitution.

To activate all Citizens of Nigeria as a governing authority

To activate all Citizens of Nigeria as a governing authority

To Democratize the Politics of Nigeria;
  • Optimize Voter Registration
  • Change the law to ensure that political processes, including elections are inclusive and controlled by citizens
  • Change laws , policies , and structures that allow cur rent office holders/parties to interfere with open and fair competition.
  • Promote the duty to vote by all eligible Nigerians
  • Ensure the integrity of election results
  • Ensure that all citizens retain the ability to protect our democracy with their vigilance and to create change where necessary to ensure its vibrancy.
  • Protect citizen rights from usurpation
  • Enact public financing for elections
Make Government open and transparent to all citizens.

Make Government open and transparent to all citizens.

Make structures of Government open and accessible to all nationalities in an atmosphere of fairness and equity.

Make structures of Government open and accessible to all nationalities in an atmosphere of fairness and equity.

Democratize the Economy
  • Change the law to create economic decentralization
  • Eliminate laws that prevent communities, states, and local governments from governing businesses operating within their jurisdictions
Specific Constitutional Amendment Requests

Full autonomy for the Local Governments over their economic and political destiny. This autonomy will include (but not limited to);

  • Control over all consumption taxes such as VAT & Sales tax generated within their jurisdiction.
  • Retention of 80% on personal income taxes of residents.
  • Control Over Property taxes.
  • Granting of Building Permits in line with Master Plan.
  • Guaranteed tenure of elected officers without any interference from state governments.
  • Abolition of Joint Local Government Consolidation Account.
  • Right to exploit all available natural or human resources without let or hinderance and paying appropriate royalties to relevant  state & federal government agencies.
  • Jurisdiction for creation or merger of LGAs to rest with both local and state governments only and same done by means of referendum in each locality.

The general principle is that all powers automatically reside in local councils and they cede some to the state for harmony/economies of scale and the states in turn cede some powers to the Federal on common issues such as currency, passport control, immigration and those issues that are best handled at the Centre;

  • Institutionalization of Community, Local Authority, State & Federal Policing System with core policing control residing in the local governments.
  • Independence & Separation of Powers of the Judiciary & Legislature at the local, state and federal government levels.
  • Legislation on Electronic & Diaspora voting as part of overall electoral reforms that makes it simple and easy for citizens to exercise their franchise devoid of all forms of intimidation and violence.
  • Affirmative action of at least 35% of party, executive and legislative positions for qualified women & youth for an all-inclusive governance.
  • Movement of key items on exclusive list such as Power, water resources, company registration, census, copyright, Insurance, natural resources, railways, tourism, marriages from the exclusive list to the concurrent and residual lists